Thursday, March 13, 2008

Very funny

The commentary was funny ha ha ha.  Lets get them Jersey's and I think the team name should be Trojans.  Give me feed back so we can get these Jersey's with our logo.( This message is from Srj )


Alex Cernadas said...

I like the trojans better than the regulators. Or we could just be:
The Spaartaaaans!!

Alex Cernadas said...

By the way, if the name is to be The Trojans, is the logo going to be something like this?:

Or more like a trojan horse head?

Ralph said...

Cock Huggers? Cum Catchers? Why are you trying to sabotage the team already? Do you know how much shit we can get from our opponents if we take the name Trojans. This is what our logo would look like. And this could be our mascot.

Steve wanted Outlaws at first and I suggested Regulators, after Billy the Kid's crew (watch Young Guns) but I wouldn't mind voting on a new name.

If the Managers want, I could set up a poll on the blog where we could have everyone vote.

steve said...

All right guys lets get back to reality that I am the captain and what I say goes. Iwill decide on the team and it will be " the butt face crew ". All jokes aside the name remains as is . Just remember if you drop a ball then you will get kicked in the ballzzzz. Pactice,practice, practice

steve said...

NO I want trojans with the condom wrapping as our logo